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CS Drylining LTD. is thrilled to showcase our involvement in the Sparrow Farm project, executed in partnership with United Living. Tasked with creating a new build consisting of 25 modern apartments, our comprehensive service offering – encompassing drylining, plastering, suspended ceilings, SFS (Steel Framing System), and screeds – played a pivotal role in bringing this vibrant residential development to life.

At Sparrow Farm, our mission was clear: to deliver living spaces that blend comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, setting a new standard for contemporary housing. Our expertise in drylining and plastering ensured smooth, flawless finishes that form the canvas of each home, promising residents a sanctuary of tranquility and style. The precision of our work provides not only visual appeal but also enhances the thermal and acoustic insulation, contributing to a serene living environment.

The implementation of suspended ceilings across the project added an element of sophistication and practicality, facilitating integrated lighting and ventilation solutions that are crucial for modern living. This attention to detail underscores our commitment to creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and sustainable.

Our use of the Steel Framing System (SFS) for the structural framework exemplifies our dedication to innovative construction methods. This choice reflects a commitment to durability, speed of construction, and flexibility in design, allowing for the creation of unique architectural features that distinguish Sparrow Farm from conventional developments.

The screeds work package laid the foundation for high-quality flooring throughout the apartments, providing a sturdy, level base that ensures longevity and aesthetic consistency. This element of our service is critical for establishing a sense of luxury and comfort that permeates every corner of Sparrow Farm.

CS Drylining LTD. is proud to contribute to the Sparrow Farm project, a testament to our ability to execute complex residential developments with precision and excellence. In collaboration with United Living, we have not only constructed apartments but have also fostered a sense of community and a benchmark for future projects in the realm of urban living.

New Build 25 Apartments ; Drylining, Plastering, Suspended Ceilings, SFS and Screeds work package.


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