UNITED LIVING – Ravensbury Park Phase 1

About Project

CS Drylining Ltd. played a vital role in the first phase of the Ravensbury Park development, collaborating with UNITED LIVING to deliver 14 apartments and 7 houses. Our proficiency in drylining, plastering, suspended ceilings, SFS, and screeds contributed significantly to the creation of comfortable, modern, and well-structured homes.

Scope of Work:

  • Drylining: Constructing the framework of apartments and houses, expertly installing drywall to shape interior spaces.
  • Plastering: Creating a refined surface with the skilled application of plaster, ensuring walls and ceilings are smooth and perfectly prepared for decoration.
  • Suspended Ceilings: Installing adaptable ceiling systems to streamline maintenance and enhance the visual appeal of rooms.
  • SFS (Steel Framing Systems): Building a strong foundation with steel framing, providing support and structure for the living spaces.
  • Screeds: Laying a precisely leveled base with high-quality screed, creating a solid subfloor ready for final finishes.


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