LIFE BUILD – North Watford Police Station, Watford Community Housing

About Project

In a collaborative triumph, CS Drylining LTD. proudly played a pivotal role in the Watford Community Housing Trust development, a project that marked a significant evolution in affordable high-density housing.

Strategically positioned on the verge of a bustling dual carriageway, this innovative development transformed a previously isolated site into a vibrant community hub. Originally serving as a quick access point for the Police to North Watford, our vision was to integrate the new housing seamlessly with the existing neighborhood fabric. Embracing the Building for Life principles, our approach fostered connectivity and reinvigorated community ties through the introduction of pedestrian, cycle, and vehicular pathways.

CS Drylining LTD. is honored to have contributed to this landmark project, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in drylining, tape and joint, and suspended ceiling solutions. Through our expertise, we’ve helped to shape a development that not only meets the urgent need for affordable housing but also sets new standards for suburban living, blending architectural ambition with community spirit.


New Build – Timber Frame 16 Apartments and 12 Houses ; Drylining, Tape&Joint and Suspended Ceilings work package.








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