Offering expert drylining, precise screeding, innovative ceiling installations, custom partitions, seamless tape & joint finishing, and robust structural framing systems.

Our Services

At CS DRYLINING, we specialise in a comprehensive range of construction and finishing services designed to meet the needs of any project. Our expertise includes:

  • Drylining: We offer efficient and high-quality drylining services, providing smooth finishes for walls and ceilings without the use of wet plaster.

  • Screeding: Our screeding solutions create level and durable surfaces, perfect for underfloor heating systems or as a base for flooring finishes.

  • Ceilings: From suspended ceilings to intricate designs, we install a variety of ceiling systems that enhance both the aesthetic and acoustic properties of a space.

  • Partitions: We build high-quality partitions that are ideal for creating functional and flexible spaces within any building, tailored to meet specific design and privacy requirements.

  • Tape & Joint: Our tape and joint services ensure seamless joints between plasterboards, resulting in a perfect finish ready for decoration.

  • Structural Framing Systems: We provide structural framing solutions that offer the strength, durability, and flexibility needed for the modern construction environment, supporting the creation of versatile spaces.

With our comprehensive services, we’re dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in every project, transforming spaces with skill and precision.


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